JCDO Annual Party

This is a general guide. A firm price will be quoted after Santa knows the details of your event. After a quote is sent to you, no one will contact you about the quote unless you request it. Your email address will never be shared with anyone. 

Rates – Basic rates start @ $200 hour (usually those are weekday mornings.) Weekend and Weekday Evening events can be $250 to $300 per hour. Christmas Eve is on a sliding scale depending on the time wanted and the travel distance to your location. The actual cost of a Santa visit varies with:

  • date and time of event
  • length of event
  • location of event
  • size of event
  • event sponsor

Commercials – Real Beard Santa is no stranger to commercials. Conflicts available on request. I am SAG-AFTRA eligible, so, at least for a while, I am legal to work either way. 

Terms and Credit – Corporate clients and established Event Planners with verifiable credit are requested a non-refundable 50% deposit payable on booking. Governmental and quasi-Government Agencies, as well as certain NFP Organizations may qualify for unfunded booking and post-performance payment. Private parties are requested payment in full at booking.

Date and Time: Weekday morning and afternoons are lower in cost than evenings and weekends.

Length and Location of the Event: For planning purposes it is suggested that a minimum of one-hour be scheduled for each group of 20. That allows 3 minutes for photos for each family or friends. If you want story-reading or singing, please allow additional time for that. We’ll be happy to help you plan what happens during a Santa visit. 

Size of the Event: There is a huge difference between the energy and effort required to entertain a room full of adults, versus that required to entertain and dandle 100 children, no matter how well-mannered they may be. Making sure everyone has fun is serious and physically demanding work.

Santa can entertain, interview and pose with hundreds of children but may require a personal comfort break that will be agreed upon appropriate to the event. At large events, you will be requested to provide two assistants capable of controlling access to Santa and assisting him in managing children of all ages.

Event Sponsor: Please note that Santa is happy to offer a limited number of pro bono visits for NFPs, registered charities and local community organizations that serve urban children.  Corporate and government organizations who sponsor an event, do not qualify for pro bono terms.